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Our Process

Software Development Process

Defining processes for any business is critical to its success. This is especially true for software development. With so many moving parts, it is easy to overlook critical details that define the project. Additionally, technology and business requirements are continuously changing. In order to stay up to date and organized, Interactive Lion adheres to the following process on all software development projects.
During a free consultation, Interactive Lion will survey the customer to determine the business requirements for the given project. After all the requirements are gathered, Interactive Lion will determine the best technology and approach for the project. These findings will be presented to the customer to ensure the analysis, technology chosen and approach is suitable.

Quote & Approve
After the analysis is approved by the customer, a sales proposal outlining the scope and price will be provided. Once approved by the customer, a team will be assigned to the project including a project manager, lead designer, lead developer and quality assurance specialist.

Depending on the type of project, mockups and/or design templates will be created to the specifications of the project. Upon completion of the mockups, they will be reviewed with the customer for approval.

Following approval of the mockups, development will begin. This step in the process typically includes database architecture, code architecture, code implementation and design implementation. On larger projects, functional requirements will be created to ensure each developer has a clear understanding of each function of the project.

Stage & Test
After all coding is completed, the project is deployed to our staging environment to start the testing procedures. Our quality assurance team will test the application against the mockups and also the business and functional requirements. Additionally, our quality assurance team will ensure the application is free of any issues.

When the quality assurance team has verified the application, the customer will have a chance to review the work. Upon approval, a release date and time will be set. On the release date the customer’s project will be live to the intended audience. Small changes may be made at the customer’s request and larger changes will repeat the development process.  

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